About Us

Founded on the principle that all pets are deserving of caring and attentive owners, CubicleFish seeks to educate pet parents on the proper care strategies necessary to ensure fish and other wet pets enjoy a high quality of life. As our name implies, much of our work is geared toward the subject of office aquariums, but we also provide articles, advice and so much more regarding aquariums and fish of all shapes and sizes regardless of where they happen to be located. Our team has years of experience working on some of the most high-maintenance aquarium environments, and every last one of us feels a great sense of joy that we are able to share our expertise with others through Cubicle Fish.

With offices becoming far more permissive and encouraging employees to personalize their respective workspaces to create a greater sense of comfort that makes it feel as though they are working from a second home, the number of aquariums being maintained in cubicles and other office spaces has risen dramatically in recent years. Due to this increasing popularity, we set out to offer educational services to aspiring office aquarists so that the fish kept in these tanks are able to thrive in the most suitable environment based on their specific needs. At CubicleFish, we simply do not want to see the inhabitants of office aquariums live in circumstances in which they struggle to survive due to an office pet parent’s lack of understanding of proper care techniques.

Our company is intent on raising a greater level of awareness regarding how pet parents can identify the most ideal type of aquarium to set up based on their individual circumstances. We also offer assistance on how to select the right inhabitants and how to build a thriving community that is equally enjoyed by pets and their pet parents. It is for this reason that we publish so many informational articles covering all kinds of tanks for all kinds of fish, and it is our firm belief that every being involved in the setting up of a tank along with the subsequent maintenance benefits significantly from a deep understanding of precise care strategies.

Even though we believe that self-contained tanks are often the best option for offices, we also recognize that not all offices are the same and therefore do not necessarily benefit from any kind of sweeping generalization. As a result, we have worked very diligently to create an online resource in which aspiring and experienced fish tank enthusiasts alike can find valuable information that is specifically developed according to their unique needs. After all, we have long recognized the importance of creating a fish tank environment based on a wide variety of factors and want to always strive to offer the most thorough and detailed advice for caring for fish at home or in the office.